Lima-Findlay Wrestling Officials Association

Each year the OWOA releases bulletins to update or clarify rules and procedures. Click on the links below to read the newest releases.

2018-2019 Season Bulletins

Sept. 1 Bulletin - Skin forms and list of specialists

Oct. 1 Bulletin - Uniform and equipment

Out of Bounds and Supporting points - Interpretations from NFHS and rule book support

Bracing - OHSAA regulations

Nov. 1 Bulletin - Special Accommodations

Nov. 14 Bulletin - Out of Bounds Illustrations

Nov. 15 Bulletin - Questions Answered on Rule Changes

Dec. 3 Bulletin - Socks at Weigh-in

Dec. 14 Bulletin - Early Season Issues

Jan. 2 Bulletin - Stalling Review

Jan. 17 Bulletin - fingers, ejections, stall/flee, Potentially Dangerous, Reaction Time

2017-2018 Season Bulletins

Oct 30 Bulletin - match details, Sportmanship, and prosthetic limb

Body Fluid Procedures - Handling blood and body fluids

NFHS 17-18 Rules Interpertations - 20 situations

Nov 15 Bulletin - New Nearfall and Transgender

Dec 1 Bulletin - Edge calls, coaches conference, reporting to mat

Dec 14 Bulletin - Arm bars, false starts, scratch weight

Dec 15 Bulletin - Weigh-ins, changing rules, socks, flagrant misconduct

Jan 1 Bulletin - Unsportsman like conduct, mouth guard, nearfalls

Jan 8 Bulletin - cervical collar (neck brace)

Nelson-Cradle Illegal Hold - Legal version and Illegal Back Bow

Feb1 Bulletin - RIBFUN - bad time areas to remember

Feb 22 Bulletin - Revised NFHS-OHSAA Skin form and guidelines

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